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Nid d’Amour is a property management and rental company for apartments, high-end housing and luxury properties for small buildings or real estate parks with 15 doors or less. Our mission is to ensure that your building, apartment or house is taken care of in an efficient manner, that your revenues are optimized for a good balance of service and value.


Choosing to work with us means you are choosing a turnkey solution for renting quickly, renting at the right price, and renting to people you can trust. It’s a seamless process that we handle from start to finish. We handle the marketing, the viewings, and we prepare all the documents for the lease assignment. Rental no longer has any secrets when it comes to us and we got you covered for whatever you have to offer. Whether it’s a furnished or unfurnished condo, furnished or unfurnished apartment or house, rented long, medium or short term. Rental without hassle, that’s what we know and that’s why we do it well and we do it with all our heart!

services de gestion immobilière appartement
services de gestion immobilière porte d'entrée


We manage all of our real estate projects as separate businesses with an approach tailored to the specific needs of the client and the building or property. We handle renewals, service calls, collections and more. Our goal is for you to have peace of mind knowing that we have your investment under control. We’re all about efficiency, quality and results. Nid d’amour / Momemtum2, your partners in the heart of your real estate!


Increase the value of your buildings. Whatever your investment strategy, we will help you to make the right choices to maximize the value of your property. Our goal is to fully realize the potential of the building and highlight every opportunity for value creation by strategizing, decorating, staging, marketing, and more. We go all out to ensure the hearts of your future tenants and future buyers go boom boom!

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