Momentum2, a division of Nid d’Amour

Momentum2 property management

Momentum2, offers a property management service to owners of small income properties or real estate parks of 15 doors and less in the greater Montreal area. The leasing is 100% done by the Nid d’Amour division.

Unique property management service

Momentum2's property management service is unique
Here is how...

Our property management services

Designed specifically to meet the needs of homeowners and real estate investors with only one property, either a house, condo or apartment up to a maximum of 15 doors.

Our approach and style of property management

It ensures that each tenant feels that they are dealing directly with you, as they are taken care of with a close and human service. It is with this approach that we maintain an excellent satisfaction rate.

Our turnkey service is customized

We will get to know you and identify your needs and those of your buildings in order to develop an action plan that will meet your expectations and ensure the profitability and longevity of your property.

Momentum2 manages buildings from 1 to 15 apartments. The company is also specialized in property management of buildings and real estate parks composed of high-end and luxurious apartments.

Compagnie de Gestion immobilière montreal

The key to success with property management

Whether this is your first real estate investment or you are a seasoned investor, we will help you achieve your goals. Momentum2’s real estate expertise will ensure that you have the necessary strategies to confidently move through the various real estate market cycles and ensure that your properties are always ready for optimal rental. With Momentum2 on your side, you will be able to focus on your other projects, as we will have taken the time to develop a plan that will allow you to have the determination to make the right decisions regarding the future of your properties managed by a competent team.

Efficient property management

Property management of one or more properties requires a good investment of time, expertise and determined execution. Property management is much more than simply collecting rent. It is also about developing a strategy for the development and maintenance of the property. Good management also includes paying suppliers promptly to maintain good relationships, planning work carefully to control operating expenses, and responding to customer needs quickly and efficiently. The list of tasks can be long, but it can be accomplished with a good execution strategy that Momentum2 as your property manager will provide to your properties for your professional happiness.

Compagnie de Gestion immobilière

Protect your time and investment with Momentum2. Would you like to know more about Momentum2’s professional property management services? Call us or write to us!

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Property management is the process of managing, maintaining and improving a person’s or company’s property.
Among the many possible investments, the acquisition of an income property has many advantages.