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Rental well done.

We work with our property owners to make renting quick and easy. With access to our professionals and our rental tools, you can be assured that your tenants will be qualified according to the highest standards in the industry. When renting your furnished or unfurnished apartments, house or condo, rely on our experience, our resources, and access to our international clientele to find you tenants who will take good care of your property.

Our engagement.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that we continually surpass ourselves and exceed your expectations. We have been working to build our different levels of service to meet the needs of our customers since 2012. You can count on us for the management of your luxury properties. We also manage your condos, duplexes, triplexes, quadruplexes, and small buildings. We advise you on the proper marketing for the sale of your properties. Contact us and let us show you how we can be a strength multiplier when it comes to rental, building management and selling homes. Submit your rentals and your saleable property to us.

Lots of care.

We want everyone who crosses our path to be happy they did. We understand both the tenants looking for rental accommodations they can call home, as well as the landlords who want to maximize their profits and want the protection of their property at all costs. Is it possible to serve both? Of course! When it comes to serving our customers well, we make sure to listen to everyone's needs and ensure their satisfaction.

logement à louer

We work with our landlords to rent to high-quality tenants. In addition, we have developed expertise in rental management for the property management of furnished or semi-furnished accommodation intended for short, medium and long-term rental. We work with you to optimize and protect your properties in order to ensure the sustainability of your real estate investments for the future. With us, you gain a partner of choice to accompany you throughout your life from the initial investment to the sale.

Contact Nid d’Amour to discuss our management services for rental properties. Yes, we take care of you, one door at a time.

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Our featured apartments

We have furnished and semi-furnished apartments in the greater Montreal area to meet your needs. Find your favorite one here and start creating your little lovely nest.

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